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Nick Petrella

Nick Grew up in Southern Ontario where he was a competitive athlete in three sports; Hockey, Football and Lacrosse. Many surgeries and countless concussions had a devastating impact on his athletic career both Physically and emotionally, leading to a decision to no longer play competitive sport and focus on academics and coaching. 

Nick earned a Master of Science degree from Brock University with a focus on human performance nd exercise physiology and is now a professor and coordinator in the Health, Wellness and Fitness program at Mohawk College. He is a two time recipient of an instructor Appreciation Award, and an Everyday Hero Award at Mohawk College. 

He is also a keynote speaker in mental health and earned mental health first aid instructor status with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. He has been awarded the St. Josephs Hospital Spirit of Hope that is awarded to an individual who is making strides on reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and the YMCA Peace Medal in recognition of outstanding contributions as a peacemaker and demonstrating commitment to YMCA values of peace. He is Co-founding member of the Mohawk College Mental Health in Motion peer to peer support initiative and most recently, has been selected by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Health as One of the FACES of Mental Illness in Canada.

Nick has dedicated himself to shattering the stigma associated with mental illness by sharing his personal journey with emotional wellness and speaking on behalf of those who are not ready to speak for themselves.